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Colombia: Regulatory Framework Ripe for Some Tweaks

Colombia: Regulatory Framework Ripe for Some Tweaks

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Colombia's telecom sector has always had considerable potential, and regulatory changes in 2009 opened the door for new market players and a better way of handling the industry. Now six years later there have been many positive changes, and as part of this process the government submitted to a thorough review from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on regulatory policy and how it affects telecom services. There are reasons for praise, but as we explore in this report, not all is perfect. A large part of the country, especially in rural areas, does not yet reap the benefits of the digital era, there is criticism that dominant operators continue to hold the sector back, and there are questions about political influence within the regulator. This has led to concerns that despite the gains and progress, the framework is still too permissive. The government has nevertheless shown serious signs that it will continue with reform in the sector. Will they be able to follow through? A full reform might not be necessary, but there is certainly scope for some tweaks.

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