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In the eye of the NSA storm: Brazil leads the call for reform

In the eye of the NSA storm: Brazil leads the call for reform

The NSA spying program has heavily targeted Brazil. As a result, President Dilma Rousseff is proposing profound changes and calling for less US influence over how data is treated as well as the structure of the web's backbone. The developments carry a serious risk for US companies, but the pushback could prove costly, disrupting the internet as a global communications tool.


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The NSA is looking at metadata, not honing in on specific communications but rather casting a wide net to find trends and possible security concerns.

Consequences in Brazil
In February 2014, President Rousseff announced an ambitious plan to collaborate with her counterparts in the European Union to build a cable that would connect the Portuguese capital of Lisbon with the northeastern Brazilian city of Fortaleza.

Trust issues
The NSA scandal has had wide implications for telecoms and technology vendors. At the heart are trust issues, especially considering the revelation that the NSA has hacked into networks and devices through security holes, or a “backdoor,” to obtain information.

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