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The Chilean Market: There's Always Room for Improvement

The Chilean Market: There's Always Room for Improvement

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Chile can look back at a long list of Latin American firsts with regard to its telecom sector, most recently being among the first to establish pro-MVNO regulations, and the first to pass a net neutrality law. The fruits of the country's approach to regulation can be seen in Chile's relatively high ranking in general internet uptake, broadband connection speeds and broadband penetration. While these achievements have been successfully leveraged in the business and residential spheres, the authorities are aware that there is still a lot of work to be done if Chile is to match most of its OECD peers. But as the world races to the new order dictated by the move to Internet of Things and cloud-based services, Chile is in a position where it can contribute to this latest phase of evolution, rather than merely catching up with the developed world. In this report BNamericas toasts the achievements made so far, and discusses the sector authorities' plans for further development.

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