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Beyond Scada: Progress Towards Smart Grids in Latin America

Beyond Scada: Progress Towards Smart Grids in Latin America

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Power companies in Latin America already make extensive use of grid-wide communications and centralized management systems, such as supervisory control and data acquisition (Scada) platforms. However, real-time access to end-users' meters, as well as deployment of sensors throughout the transmission and distribution networks, would do wonders for efficiency. And linking these to the increasing variety of power generation sources would also help the utilities respond adequately based on the information gleaned from all those sensors. As such, the smart grid concept can almost be considered an essential pillar in the smart city discussion that is all the rage these days, in Latin America as much as the rest of the world. Yet smart meter deployment programs are few and far between in this region, and few Latin American countries appear to have paved the way with adequate legislation. In this month's Telecom Intelligence Series BNamericas talks to suppliers closely involved with the smart grid movement to assess the progress being made in this region.

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