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Oil and Gas Outlook 2016: Confronting The Age of Oil and Gas Abundance in Latin America

Oil and Gas Outlook 2016: Confronting The Age of Oil and Gas Abundance in Latin America

The Age of Abundance
Figure: Where is Brent Headed?
Figure: Where is WTI Headed?

Argentina: Change is in the Air
Figure: Oil Production in Argentina
Figure: Rig Count in Argentina

Bolivia: Looking for New Gas
Figure: Bolivian Investment in Hydrocarbons
Figure: Natural Gas Exports
Figure: Planned Exploration Investment through 2019

Brazil: Looking Ahead
Figure: Oil Reserves
Figure: Pre-salt Production

Chile: Enap Diversifies
Figure: Chile's Energy Mix

Colombia: A New Course Needed
Figure: Dropping Rig Count
Figure: Oil Production in Colombia

Mexico: A Reform Matures
Figure: Oil Production in Mexico

Peru: Natural Gas Projects Take Center Stage
Figure: Peru Oil Contracts
Figure: Wells Drilled in Peru

Venezuela: More Pragmatism?
Figure: Towering Resources

Ecuador: The Other Opec Member Moves to Produce More
Figure: Planned Investment, Petroecuador

The Rest: Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Trinidad, Paraguay, Guyana
Figure: Upcoming Rounds

Conclusion: Busts are Common, but the World is Different
Figure: Monthly Oil Price

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The drop in oil prices has impacted oil exporting nations throughout Latin America. Production hasn't fallen significantly, but spending is down. As the world enters a new period of oil and gas abundance, in which the days of US$100/b oil are a distant memory, how will nations in Latin America adapt?

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