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Outlook 2015 + IS Oil & Gas

Outlook 2015 + IS Oil & Gas

Explore the challenges and solutions in Oil & Gas, 50+ sheets of pure analysis with 7 graphs and 2 tables focused on emerging trends. Also, you will have all the related content like news, project and company profiles.

Outlook2015: 2015 Signals Broad Shift
The upcoming year will see a shifting energy landscape. Oil prices are dropping and new supply is flooding the market. The change could be especially felt in Colombia and Venezuela, while other countries like Mexico and Argentina should continue to see rising oil and gas investment.


- A Changing Oil and Gas Landscape
- Argentina - Is Energy the Key to Turning Around an Ailing Economy?
- Bolivia - Another Morales Term Signals Continuity
- Brazil - Will the New Rousseff Government Change the Model?
- Chile - Can Enap Become Competitive?
- Colombia - Turbulent Waters
- Ecuador - Mature Fields, Amazon New Focus
- The Falkland Islands - The Search for Deepsea Oil Continues
- Guatemala - To a Natural Gas Future
- Mexico - The Center of Attention
- Nicaragua - New Oil Bill
- Panama - LNG Project
- Paraguay - Is Oil Production on the Horizon?
- Peru - The Camisea Project Matures
- Suriname - Into the Water
- Trinidad - Searching for New Markets
- Uruguay - International Companies Hope for Oil
- Venezuela - Is Change Near?
- Conclusion - What Does it All Mean?


INTELLIGENCE SERIE: Oil in Colombia: The Brakes are On

Guerrilla attacks, blockades by communities in producing areas and a slow environmental licensing system have this year halted the rapid expansion that oil production in Colombia had been experiencing. With no major discoveries in the past two decades, the government is betting on two fronts. The short-term goal is to improve the recovery factor in mature fields. In the medium and long term, efforts are being made to accelerate the exploration and development of unconventional oil and offshore areas.

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