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Outlook 2015 + IS Electric Power

Outlook 2015 + IS Electric Power

Explore the challenges and solutions in infrastructure, 50+ sheets of pure analysis with 13 graphs and 6 tables focused on emerging trends. Also, you will have all the related content like news, project and company profiles.

OUTLOOK 2015: Natural Gas, Renewable Power Gain Importance in 2015
The region's growth has slowed, but this hardly diminishes Latin America's electric power needs in a changing global energy landscape. Latin America's power sector faces several broad obstacles - some old, some new - such as community opposition to big projects or regional interconnection. Yet, from country to country, the challenges are diverse, as are the responses to them. One thing is certain: natural gas and renewable power will continue to take on importance.


- Introduction - Slower Growth
- Natural Gas Continues to Gain Ground
- Big Projects Face Road
- Renewable Energy: A Rising Star
- Connecting the Continent
- Argentina - A Frail System Needs Revamp
- Brazil - Moving Beyond Hydro
- Chile - A Budding Haven for Renewables
- Colombia - Continues to Grow
- Mexico - Reforms Start to Take Hold
- Peru - Natural Gas Booms
- Conclusion - A Changing Matrix


INTELLIGENCE SERIE: Deciphering Chile's New Energy Agenda

The new energy agenda calls for a lowering of marginal power costs by 30% on the main SIC grid during this four-year government, as well as a 20% reduction in prices at power auctions in the next decade compared to prices offered in the most recent auction (around US$130/MWh). Can Chile reduce prices while also adding costly renewable technologies and relying evermore on the import of primary energy sources? This report will look at the energy agenda of newly reelected president Michelle Bachelet in an attempt to unlock its main points and offer suggestions about where the sector might be headed.

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