Report - May 2020

Political Risk Report: Latin America's New Normal

With recessions forecast across the board as a result of the pandemic, the region's main economies are weighing concerns over the health of their populations and the need of industries, and workers, to resume full operations, which force...


Report - Apr 2020

Political Risk Report: A Region in Lockdown

In this report we’ll analyze how the current health crisis is affecting Latin America’s political fortunes and directly impacting the oil & gas, electric power, mining and infrastructure sectors.


Report - Feb 2020

Political Risk Report: Latin American Economies Face...

The coronavirus epidemic wreaking havoc in China is impacting commodities-dependent Latin America countries, compounding long-standing problems like corruption, debt and violence that are not going away.


Report - Jan 2020

Political Risk Report: The Violence Problem

As Mexico and Colombia try to contain rising drug and guerrilla violence, Chile reckons with the economic and political damage left by three months of destructive protests. Plus, Argentina walks a debt tightrope, Peru´s Vizcarra rules by...


Report - Nov 2019

Political Risk: A Region in Crisis

Evo Morales is forced to flee Bolivia, while Chile's social unrest shows no sign of letting up, and violence undermines governance in Mexico and Colombia. We analyze the region's hotspots


Report - Oct 2019

Political Risk: The Year of Living Dangerously

Social unrest breaks out in Chile, with fires and looting on the streets shortly after similar protests took place in Ecuador, while Mexico's security forces show they are no match for the drug cartels. Discover how Latin America's gover...


Report - Oct 2019

Political Risk Report: Unrest in the Andes

This new edition of the Political Risk report puts the focus on two key Andean economies, Colombia and Peru, which are expected to post strong growth this year despite rising violence and protests that have made investors take notice.


Report - Aug 2019

Political Risk Report: Who will govern Argentina?

The opposition’s shock – and decisive – victory in the Argentine primaries has turned the attention of the business community to Alberto Fernández and how he would govern. We take a look at his record and recent comments. Elsewhere, Braz...


Report - Jul 2019

Political Risk Report: Saving Pemex

Why AMLO is so keen on saving a state company that may never be profitable again. Plus, Peru's President Vizcarra faces a Tía María project conundrum; Argentina's election becomes even more polarized; and Brazil is finally on the brink o...


Report - Jun 2019

Political Risk Report: Lava Jato under suspicion

Were Brazil's landmark anticorruption investigation and Lula's prison sentence politically motivated? Leaked messages shake up Latin America's largest economy, while Argentina's President Macri makes a desperate move to keep his reelecti...

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Report - May 2019

Political Risk Report: Crunch time for Argentina

In this new report on political risk, we focus on the tense situation in Argentina, where former President Cristina Fernández has just surprised everyone by announcing that she will not be a candidate for president but for vice president...

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Report - Apr 2019

Unpopular Presidents

This month we identify the factors driving down the approval ratings of the region's main presidents, and the headwinds looming on the horizon that may further complicate their political agendas and muddy the waters in the industrial sec...

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Report - Mar 2019

2019 Heats Up

The holidays are over in Latin America: Argentina had its first electoral test before the October elections, while Jair Bolsonaro continues to generate headlines in Brazil diverting attention from public policy debates. We also look at A...

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Report - Feb 2019

Political Risk Report: Is Venezuela's D-Day Upon Us?

BNamericas takes a look at the growing tension in Venezuela, where Nicolás Maduro and Juan Guaidó are set on a collision course, as well as Jair Bolsonaro's first cabinet crisis in Brazil and major developments in the region's other main...

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Report - Jan 2019

The Impacts of Crime in Latin America

In this month's report and podcast we analyze how theft, extortion, kidnappings and homicides affect everyday life and business in the region.

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Report - Dec 2018

What to Expect in 2019

This report analyzes the Peruvian paradox, a country where the economy is humming along, while the country's political leaders battle each other in the courts. We also take a look at the region's key election in Argentina, and what to ex...

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Report - Nov 2018

Brazil begins a new era

This month we focus on South America's two largest economies, which have taken a hard right turn. While Jair Bolsonaro's future government is generating equal parts enthusiasm and trepidation in Brazil, his Argentine counterpart Mauricio...

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Report - Oct 2018

Venezuela’s Crisis in Focus

This month our podcast focuses on Venezuela. Our report goes into the second round of elections in Brazil, the anti-corruption fight in Peru, the public consultation over the new airport in Mexico, and everything else related to politica...

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Report - Sep 2018

Political Risk Report: Brazil's Uncertain Election a...

This month we focus in on Brazil and its upcoming election. Unlike in Mexico earlier in the year, the election remains completely up in the air with only weeks to go before the first round. We get into what all of this means. And as alwa...

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Report - Aug 2018

Can Iván Duque Unite a Divided Country?

Iván Duque was almost unheard of last year at this time, but on August 7 the 42-year-old conservative became Colombia's new president. What kind of leader will he be? This report seeks to answer the question. We also look at political ri...

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Report - Jul 2018

Political Risk Report: Where is Chile Headed?

This month we look at Chile's performance under its new government, along with an analysis of the plans of AMLO in Mexico, and Iván Duque in Colombia. We also study Brazil's wide-open race and assess political risk in Peru and Argentina.

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Report - Jun 2018

What Does an AMLO Win Mean for Mexico?

This month we look at the upcoming elections in Mexico. We also explore the recent results in Colombia, and assess all matters relating to political risk in the six key economies of Latin America.

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Report - May 2018

Latin America’s Roadmap Hangs in Balance

This report analyzes the so-called election in Venezuela, as well as the upcoming votes in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. We also go into detail on political risk in the sectors we cover at BNamericas. Read this report for the latest on wh...

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Report - Apr 2018

Who Will Rise to Lead Brazil?

This month's report looks at the gaping hole left in Brazil's presidential race after ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was sent to jail, and seeks to resolve the question of what happens next in a country that votes for a new leade...

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Report - Mar 2018

Frontrunners Emerge in Colombia’s Tight Race

This month’s Political Risk report looks at the main political issues impacting Latin America’s six major economies, including a detailed look at the latest developments in crucial presidential elections in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. G...

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Report - Feb 2018

Uncertainty Defines Key Presidential Races

We take a look at key elections in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico this year, and offer a glimpse of what to expect in races that, at this stage, remain wide open. We also look at political risk in Chile, with Sebastian Piñera set to tak...

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Report - Feb 2018

A Critical Year for Latin America

BNamericas' January 2018 edition of the Political Risk Report titled "A Critical Year for Latin America".

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Report - Dec 2017

Chile's Second Round An Unexpected Nail-Biter

BNamericas' November and fifth edition of the Political Risk Report titled "Political Risk Report: Piñera-Guillier Lock Horns in Battle".

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Report - Nov 2017

Macri's Reforms Get Stamp of Approval

BNamericas' October and fourth edition of the Political Risk Report titled "Political Risk Report: Macri's Reforms Get Stamp of Approval".

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Report - Sep 2017

Peru’s New Crisis

BNamericas' August and second edition of the Political Risk Report titled "Venezuela Moves Away from Democracy".

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Report - Aug 2017

Venezuela Moves Away from Democracy

BNamericas' August and second edition of the Political Risk Report titled "Venezuela Moves Away from Democracy".

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Report - Jul 2017

LatAm Braces for Marathon of Elections

BNamericas' July and first edition of the Political Risk Report titled "LatAm Braces for Marathon of Elections".

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