Intelligence Series - Electric Power

Latin America's interconnection dream: Closer to reality?

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Intelligence Series Electric Power

Plans to integrate Latin America's power grids continue to advance despite political inertia in some countries. The success of Siepac in Central America is cited as proof that energy interconnection is possible and beneficial in the region, if not perfect.

Figure - Electrification rates in Latin America

Why you need to buy this report

  • Learn how interconnection could change the face of Latin America's electric power sector
  • Discover which cross-border transmission projects are most advanced
  • Find out which stakeholders and international groups are driving Latin America's interconnection process

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Linking LatAm
  • Central America: The only regional market
  • Andean dreams
  • Change of Scenery
  • Latin America's (possible) interconnection projects
  • Conclusion

 Companies and projects related to this report

  • BID Invest (IDB Invest)
  • CAF (Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina)
  • Colombia-Panama interconnection line
  • Ecuador-Perú transmission line
  • Central America interconnection Siepac
  • Salto Grande - Melo Interconnection
  • Andean electrical interconnection system (SINEA)
  • Itaipú-Villa Hayes Transmission Line




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