Intelligence Series - ICT

How Latin America’s Ad Industry is Going Digital

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ICT Intelligence Series

The advent of digital media has greatly increased segmentation of content, and hence segmentation of the consumers who view it. Our online activity leaves many clues as to what kinds of segment each one of us belongs to, and on platforms like Google and Facebook they are not even clues, but facts that we actively dictate to the system.


  • The Right Message to the Right Audience
  • Digital takes Center Stage
  • More Digital Means More Programmatic
  • Analytics Touches on Multiple Aspects of Adtech
  • GDPR Adds Weight to Self-Regulation
  • Adiós Adblockers?
  • Do it Yourself
  • Sell to the Person or the Device?
  • Video is where the Eyeballs are
  • Advertising as Entertainment


  • Globally, Digital Has Overtaken TV
  • But TV Still Reigns in LatAm
  • Smartphone Penetration in LatAm
  • Time Online: Mobile vs Desktop


Sebastian Perez-Ferreiro

Sebastian Perez-Ferreiro

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