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ICT Outlook 2019: All Eyes on 5G

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ICT Outlook 2019

How close is Latin America to 5G? The region will have a long year of expectations and preparations to receive the new technology that promises to revolutionize (again) the way companies and people work and communicate. Spectrum licenses, datacenters, data transport and cloud services will be the terms that will be heard the most at industry events throughout 2019. You will get to know in detail what to expect from regulatory and tax changes that could facilitate or block innovation.


  • Preparing to Bounce Back
  • 5G: The Talk of the Town
  • The Foundation for New and Better Services
  • Dwindling Opportunities for New Competitors
  • Reforms and Legislation
  • Honorable Mentions
  • A Revolution in Slow Motion


  • State of 4G and Fixed Broadband in the Region
  • 4G Connection Speeds across Latin America
  • State of Pay TV Adoption

Learn more about:

  • Penetration trends and 4G speeds in Latin America
  • Agreements to eliminate roaming fees
  • Advance of biometrics in the region
  • Is there room for new competitors?


Phil Anderson

Sebastián Pérez-Ferreiro

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