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Water in Latin America: Keeping It Clean and Flowing for All

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Outlook 2020 Infrastructure

As water demand grows across Latin America, securing this resource for all becomes a bigger and bigger challenge. Water infrastructure struggles to keep pace with fast-growing cities, many rural regions still lack services and, in some cases, industries are finding they must invest large sums to ensure supply. This report examines the situation of water operators in Mexico, miners in Chile, frackers in Argentina and big hydro in Brazil, as well as the movement toward desalination in the region.

Figure - Sanitation services in Latin America

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Water and Environment at Argentina’s Vaca Muerta
  • Searching for Balance in Brazil’s Hydropower Sector
  • For Chile’s Miners, Desalination May Be Too Slow a Solution
  • New Water Law in Mexico: Opportunity for Operators?
  • Water Security and Desalination in Latin America

Companies and projects related to this report

  • Mitsui & Co
  • IDE Technologies Ltd.
  • BHP
  • Empresa de Pesquisa Energética
  • Transelec S.A.
  • Técnicas de Desalinización de Aguas, S.A.
  • Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi SCM
  • The World Bank Group / Grupo del Banco Mundial
  • Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile
  • Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Agua y Saneamiento de México A.C.
  • Anglo American plc
  • Comisión Chilena del Cobre
  • Teck Resources Limited
  • Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica
  • DME Energética S.A.
  • Votorantim S.A.
  • Comisión Nacional del Agua
  • Bechtel Group, Inc.
  • Alcoa Inc.
  • Marubeni Corp.
  • Glencore plc
  • Techint S.A.C.
  • Minera Escondida Ltda.
  • Formoso hydro plant
  • Desalination Plant and Water Supply Cerro Colorado (Stages I and II)
  • Southern Lima desalination plant
  • Escondida Water Supply Expansion (EWSE)
  • Belo Monte Hydro Plant
  • Quebrada Blanca phase II desalinization plant
  • Quebrada Blanca phase II
  • Los Pelambres incremental expansion (Phase 1)
  • Vaca Muerta Formation
  • Spence Growth Option (SGO)
  • Pampa de Pongo
  • Tía María
  • Industrial water supply and desalination plant (Spence Desalination Plant)
  • Development of Infrastructure and Improvement of Productive Capacity of Collahuasi Mine
  • Escondida Water Supply project


Cristóbal Riego, Gabriela Ruddy, Concetta Cacciatore, Ariel Rodríguez

Sebastian Pérez-Ferreiro

Pages (English Version)

Colombia Bolivia Mexico Brazil Chile Peru Argentina Venezuela Ecuador