Intelligence Series - Infrastructure

Can Latin American Metro Projects Transcend Challenges?

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Intelligence Series Infrastructure

Challenges around political volatility, corruption and fiscal constraints have hit many metro projects in Latin America, in some cases leading to severe delays. But demand growth remains high, with the region’s urban population continuing to expand, and there is an urgent need to fix another type of severe delay – the time wasted daily by millions of people in transit. Metro projects around the region will require at least US$40bn over the next decade and a half.

Figure - Metro Traffic in Key Cities

Why you need to buy this report

  • Find the passenger volume trend in Latin America's metro systems
  • Discover the obstacles and delays faced by new projects
  • The financing schemes being implemented by the private sector to roll out new metro lines

Table of contents

  • Booming LatAm Cities Need Metros Despite Development Hurdles
  • Metro Traffic inKey Cities
  • Lima: Clearing the Way
  • Bogotá trying to launch, against the clock
  • Santiago: Well-Planned Growth
  • Variety in Financing and Operation
  • Conclusion

Companies and projects related to this report

  • Agencia de Promoción de la Inversión Privada
  • Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A.
  • Sistema de Tren Eléctrico Urbano
  • RuasInvest Participações S.A.
  • Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones de la República del Perú
  • The World Bank Group / Grupo del Banco Mundial
  • Directorio de Transporte Público Metropolitano (DTPM)
  • CCR S.A.
  • Grupo Graña y Montero
  • Empresa Metro de Bogotá S.A.
  • Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo - Metrô
  • Autoridad Autónoma del Sistema Eléctrico de Transporte Masivo de Lima y Callao
  • Odebrecht S.A.
  • ViaQuatro
  • Metro de Panamá S.A
  • Santiago Metro line 9
  • Santiago Metro line 8
  • Lima Metro line No.2
  • Panama metro line 2
  • Santiago metro line 7
  • Panama metro line 3
  • Bogotá metro line No. 1
  • Quito Metro
  • Santiago Metro line 10
  • São Paulo Metro line 4 - Phase II (Linha Amarela)
  • Lima metro line No. 1 improvement
  • Lima-Callao metro line No. 4
  • Lima Metro Line 1, Stretch II


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