Intelligence Series - Infrastructure

Infrastructure Survey 2018

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Intelligence Series Infrastructure

BNamericas' January edition of the Infrastructure report titled "Infrastructure Survey 2018".


  • Huge Needs, Doubts
  • Trump and 'America First'
  • Colombia and Argentina: Big Winners
  • The oportunity in Roads
  • The financing Puzzle
  • Odebrecht, and other obstacles
  • 2018 and What it brings


  • Corruption
  • Would the breakdown of Nafta Impact Latin American Infrastructure?
  • Most Attractive country for infraestructure investement
  • Countries where infrastructure investement conditions are most likely to improve or Worsen
  • Public Infrastructure Budgets
  • Best Investment Opportunities in Latin America
  • Best Investment Oppotunities by Countriy
  • Best Financing options
  • Attractiveness of concession and PPP Models
  • Main Obstacle to Investment
  • Planned Infrastructure Projets versus future demand
  • Impact of political or legal changes on Infrastructure Investment
  • Rate the overall quality of infrastructure in latin America


Bn Americas

Bn Americas

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