Intelligence Series - Mining & Metals

Mining Survey 2020: What to Expect After the Pandemic

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Intelligence Series Mining & Metals

When will investment levels go back to pre-Covid levels? Will M&A activity accelerate? Will project development pick up next year? Take a look at what the mining industry professionals are expecting for the coming months.

Figure - Impact of Covid-19 to Date

Table of contents

1.- Introduction
2.- The Impacts of Covid-19 on Latin America's Mining Sector
2.1- Graph: Impact of Covid-19 to Date
2.2- Graph: Investment Plans
3.- Strategic Focus: Optimization and Getting Assets up to Speed
3.1- Graph: Strategic Focus
3.2- Graph: M&A
4.- Rising Trends: Climate Change and Digital Transformation
4.1- Graph: Carbon Reduction Budgets
4.2- Graph: Physical Assets to Mitigate Emissions
4.3- Graph: Digitalization Budgets
5.- 2021: The Year of Recovery
5.1- Graph: Investment Recovery
5.2- Graph: New Projects
6.- Opinion: Mining Has a Role to Play in the Recovery
7.- Conditions on the Road to Recovery
7.1- Graph: Impact of Covid-19 Going Forward
7.2- Graph: Local Sourcing
8.- Financing
8.1- Graph: Financing Conditions 12-Month Outlook
8.2- Graph: Combined Opinions on Financing
8.3- Graph: Plans to Raise Capital
9.- Threats to Recovery
9.1- Graph: Threats to Recovery
10.- Investment Climate
10.1- Graph: Investment Climate

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