Intelligence Series - Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Survey: Where We Go from Here

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Intelligence Series Oil & Gas

BNamericas’ 2020 survey gathered the opinions of more than 100 industry professionals about the impacts of the pandemic, and investment. Learn what they are expecting for exploration activity, what Brent crude prices they are using to make projections, what countries offer the best investment climate, and many more aspects that show where the industry is headed.

Figure - Impact of COVID-19 on activities in Latin America

Table of contents

1.- Introduction
2.- The Blow of Covid
2.1- Chart: Impact in 2020
2.2- Chart: Investment Plans Affected
2.3- Chart: Future Impact
3.- What to Expect for Investment
3.1- Chart: Investment Recovery
3.2- Chart: New Projects
3.3- Chart: Reference Price
3.4- Chart: Peak Demand
3.5- Chart: Local Suppliers
4.- Climate Change and Digitization
4.1- Chart: Greenhouse Gas Budgets
4.2- Chart: Assets to Combat Emissions
4.3- Chart: Digitization
5.- Mergers, Financing and Exploration
5.1- Chart: Mergers
5.2- Chart: Exploration
5.3- Chart: Financing in Recent Months
5.4- Chart: Future Financing
5.5- Chart: Raising Capital
6.- Threats to Recovery and Investment Climate
6.1- Chart: Threats to Post-Pandemic Recovery
6.2- Chart: Threats to My Organization
6.3- Chart: Investment Climate
7.- Conclusions

Companies and projects related to this report

  • Enermex Logística y Terminales S.A. de C.V
  • Fieldwood Energy E&P México, S. de R.L. de C.V.
  • Compañía Petrolera Perseus, S.A. de C.V.
  • Bonatti México, S.A., de C.V.
  • Infraestructura Energética Nova S.A.B. de C.V. 
  • Omega Green biofuels complex
  • Field Cholula
  • Area 29 - Cuenca Salina
  • Round 1, Tender 2: Area 4, Ichalki, Pokoch
  • Round 3, Tender 1: Area 15, Tampico-Misantla-Veracruz


Sean Goforth, Michael Place, Cesar Illiano, David Casallas, Gabriela Ruddy

Elizabeth Agurto, Sebastian Perez-Ferreiro

Pages (English Version)

Argentina Peru Bolivia Ecuador Venezuela Brazil Colombia Chile Mexico