Political Risk

Political Risk Report: Crunch time for Argentina

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Political Risk Report

In this new report on political risk, we focus on the tense situation in Argentina, where former President Cristina Fernández has just surprised everyone by announcing that she will not be a candidate for president but for vice president instead, giving her space to an old ally.


Why buy this report?

  • Take a picture of the political situation in the largest economies of the region.
  • Find out political and regulatory changes that impact the most important industries.
  • Anticipate what may happen to your industry according to the risk of each country.


Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Argentina: race to the bottom
  • Brazil: pension reform in the slow lane
  • Mexico: AMLO true to his style
  • Colombia: transition to peace getting more complicated
  • Chile: last minute pension reform victory
  • Peru: Lava Jato investigation continues its course after García’s suicide
  • Latin America in Figures


Projects and companies related to this report

  • Dos Bocas refinery
  • Petróleo Brasileiro S.A.  
  • YPF S.A.  
  • Petróleos Mexicanos S.A. de C.V. (Pemex)  
  • Ecopetrol S.A.  
  • Enel S.p.A.




Cesar Illiano

Sebastian Pérez-Ferreiro

Pages (English Version)

Brazil Chile Argentina Colombia Mexico Peru