Political Risk

LatAm Braces for Marathon of Elections

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Political Risk Report

BNamericas' July and first edition of the Political Risk Report titled "LatAm Braces for Marathon of Elections".


  • Introduction
  • Latam Risk Scorecard and Podcast
  • Chile: Jumpstarting Growth Central Campaign Theme
  • Argentina: The Macri Reform Agenda and the Legislative Test
  • Mexico: Measuring the Trump Effect
  • Brazil: Glimpses of Hope Amid the Chaos
  • Colombia: Life after Santos
  • Peru: PPK's Complex Undertaking
  • Latin America: Figures
    • Colombia
    • Mexico
    • Argentina
    • Brazil
    • Chile
    • Peru


  • GDP growth in Colombia
  • Unemployment rate in Colombia
  • Monthly CPI in Colombia
  • Oil drilling rigs in Colombia
  • GDP growth in Mexico
  • Unemployment rate in Mexico
  • Monthly CPI in Mexico
  • Oil drilling rigs in Mexico
  • Monthly gold mining production in Mexico
  • Mexican Silver Production
  • GDP growth in Argentina
  • Unemployment rate in Argentina
  • Monthly CPI in Argentina
  • Oil drilling rigs in Argentina
  • Energy demand in Argentina
  • Crude steel production - Argentina
  • GDP growth in Brazil
  • Unemployment rate in Brazil
  • Monthly CPI in Brazil
  • Oil drilling rigs in Brazil
  • Energy demand in Brazil
  • GDP growth in Chile
  • Unemployment rate in Chile
  • CPI Monthly in Chile
  • Monthly mining production in Chile
  • Energy demand in Chile
  • GDP growth in Peru
  • Unemployment rate in Peru
  • Monthly CPI in Peru
  • Energy demand in Peru


Christopher Lenton


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