Report - Dec 2019

Will Things Get Worse in Latin America?

In this report we take a look at the economic perspectives for the region's main economies: where’s the growth? Plus, the social upheaval risk for each country, political peril, and recent and planned reforms


Report - Nov 2019

How MDBs Can Unlock Latin America’s Project Finance

Multilateral development banks can disburse and mobilize the funds needed to get energy and infrastructure projects off the ground, while also de-risking those projects for a host of global investors.


Report - Oct 2019

No Margin for Error: How Fernández Plans to End Arge...

BNamericas speaks to advisers of Alberto Fernández to gauge how the likely next Argentine president will handle the economy, pay down the country's gargantuan debt and boost exports while pushing for a social pact.


Report - Sep 2019

Reforming Latin America's tax systems

To counteract the fallout from the US-China trade war, and boost key sectors, governments across the region are tinkering with their tax systems and regulatory frameworks.


Report - Aug 2019

How Technology is Driving Latin America’s Financial ...

Fintechs, digital banks, BigTechs and commercial platforms are picking up where microcredit left off.


Report - Jun 2019

Chinese Investments and Finance in Latin America

The spread of Chinese commercial banks in Latin America follows the increasing presence of Chinese state-owned and private enterprises, creating intricate financial ties that are independent of political ideology and that will only grow ...

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Report - Jun 2019

The Pacific Alliance: What it's Achieved, and What's...

With the Pacific Alliance CEO Summit set to take place in Lima in July, we take a look at the bloc formed by Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, the most significant effort toward regional integration seen in Latin America in recent decade...

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Report - May 2019

Any Takers? Infra Bonds Struggling to Entice Investors

Bonds are underperforming as an infrastructure financing instrument in the region, as many Latin American projects often don't reach the scale or meet the risk profile sought by investors. Furthermore, construction risks in several count...

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Report - Apr 2019

The Pension Problem

Pensions are a hot topic in Latin America. Populations are aging, governments are facing fiscal pressure and cracks are showing in private systems, where factors such as contribution gaps and weak returns are leading to small pensions fo...

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Report - Feb 2019

Is Ecuador on the Right Track?

The troubled economy is set to have a negative impact on banks' asset quality and profitability, though the strong financial health of the private banking sector should prevent any risk of a major spike in bad loans.

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Report - Jan 2019

Panama: Paradise Lost?

Panama's financial services sector is struggling to recover from the reputational hit of the Panama Papers. The old days of easy profits may be gone, but new opportunities in trade finance and fintech await.

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Report - Dec 2018

Banking Outlook 2019: A Region in Transition

As Latin America enters a year of transition, with its two largest economies changing to very different leaderships, the outlook in the region turns to recovery from a mediocre 2018. Average growth for the year is expected to be between ...

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Report - Nov 2018

A Silver Lining Within LatAm’s Cyberattack Cloud

Both developed and developing countries are at risk, and security breaches this year in Chile and Mexico have thrust the issue into the limelight - and sharpened the focus of policymakers, regulators and the private sector on the...

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Report - Oct 2018

Unlocking Infrastructure Investment and Financing in...

Some of the largest economies in Latin America are dusting off infrastructure megaprojects that had been put on hold due to the corruption scandal of Odebrecht or falling commodity prices in order to kick-start investments, improve compe...

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Report - Aug 2018

How Peru’s Financial Services Industry Weathers Poli...

The Peruvian financial services industry is making a strong comeback this year despite major corruption scandals that led to the resignation of the country's president and the ousting of the justice minister. In this Intelligence Series ...

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Report - Jul 2018

BigTech: The Coming Disruption of Latin America's Ba...

Not all disruptions are the same: while fintechs still depend on traditional banks and insurers for customer data and funding, tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook and Latin America's own MercadoLibre have deep pockets, are experts in da...

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Report - Jun 2018

Mexico’s Banks on Standby Mode amid Electoral, Trade...

Weak economic growth and rising inflation, along with unease about the July 1 general election and Nafta negotiations, have slowed the pace of lending. In this Intelligence Series report, BNamericas takes an in-depth look at the...

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Report - Jun 2018

LatAm M&A Slows in Year of Political Uncertainity

Mergers and acquisitions slowed during the first four months of the year in Latin America, suggesting uncertainty generated by the upcoming presidential elections in Mexico and Brazil. Read this report to get to the heart of what is...

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Report - Apr 2018

Banking in Brazil: Economic Growth Underpins Healthi...

Brazil's loan portfolio will sees its first expansion this year since 2014 as the country continues to rebound from the disastrous downturn of 2015 and 2016. The improvement of the labor market, a sharp decline in inflation and interest ...

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Report - Mar 2018

Banking in Peru: Recovery Underway, but Politics Rai...

The performance of the Peruvian banking system has moved in line with economic growth. The loan portfolio is recovering part of the pace lost in the last two years and profitability levels at the main banks remain healthy. However, polit...

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Report - Feb 2018

Pension Systems Under Fire: The Reform Debate in Bra...

Quick demographic change - the number of people aged 60 or older will exceed for the first time that of children and adolescents under 15 in 2036, according to ECLAC - and the high rates of informality in the labor market in Latin Americ...

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Report - Jan 2018

Argentina’s Banking and Insurance Industries in Reco...

BNamericas' January edition of the Banking report titled "Argentina’s Banking and Insurance Industries in Recovery".


Report - Jan 2018

Banking Survey 2018

BNamericas' January edition of the Banking report titled "Banking Survey 2018".

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Report - Dec 2017

Banking Outlook 2018: Recovery Firmly Underway

BNamericas' November edition of the Banking Outlook report titled "Banking Outlook 2018: Recovery Firmly Underway".


Report - Jun 2017

LatAm M&As on the Rise

BNamericas' June edition of the Banking report titled "LatAm M&As on the Rise".

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Report - May 2017

Banks in Brazil: On the Mend

BNamericas' May edition of the Banking report titled "Banks in Brazil: On the Mend".

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Report - Apr 2017

LatAm Bond Markets: Navigating Volatile Waters

BNamericas' April edition of the Banking report titled "LatAm Bond Markets: Navigating Volatile Waters".

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Report - Mar 2017

Argentina’s Banks Face New Reality

BNamericas' March edition of the Banking report titled "Argentina’s Banks Face New Reality".

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Report - Feb 2017

New Insurance Lines in Latin America

BNamericas' February edition of the Banking report titled "New Insurance Lines in Latin America".

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Report - Jan 2017

The Impact of President Trump on the Mexican Economy

BNamericas' January edition of the Banking report titled "The Impact of President Trump on the Mexican Economy".

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